25 Things Soon-to-be Dads Need to Know About Pregnancy

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes…uh, what? Oftentimes soon to be dads (and moms alike) don’t know the first thing when it comes to pregnancy, birth and the weeks following birth. The very thought of having a baby can be scary and overwhelming. Don’t worry, with the help of several veteran dads and their wives I’ve compiled a list of 101 things soon-to-be dads need to know about pregnancy, birth, the weeks immediately following birth (postpartum) and the awesomeness of being a new Dad. This will be broken into 4 different posts so it isn’t so long to read at first. So without further adieu…Advice for New Dads

    1. Your wife’s hormones will eb and flow like ocean waves. And just when you think you have her figured out—BAM! This is especially true during her first trimester.
    2. Always agree with her. Unless of course she doesn’t want you to. Then, whatever you do, don’t.
    3. You’ll need to take on some added responsibilities around the house during the first trimester if your wife experiences morning sickness.
    4. Have a burping or farting contest with your wife. She’ll win.
    5. Many women have an increased sex drive their 2nd trimester. Hopefully your wife is one of them. Enjoy it. (I said many, not all) And don’t worry about hurting baby (unless her Dr has said otherwise).
    6. Holy boobs! After the first trimester (when they may be far too sore) enjoy your wife’s new boobs now. Did you see #5?
    7. Let your boss know your wife is pregnant around the beginning of the second trimester. See what your options are for Paternity Leave.
    8. It’s totally normal if you have baby gender disappointment at the ultrasound (or longer). Just begin thinking of ways you’ll redefine family so you can get excited again.
    9. Go to all appointments with your wife. This includes Dr and lamaze. Even if you think it’s stupid. Go.
    10. Educate yourself about birth. C-sections. Inductions. Birth plans. Natural vs drugs.
    11. Just because she is gaining weight does not mean you need to also.
    12. Decide on what you want to do about circumcision. And when you want to have it done if you decide you do. You will definitely want to know this before you get to the hospital.
    13. Cravings are so real. Get to the store and then back home as quick as humanly possible before the craving changes.Advice for New Dads


  • Foot massages are golden.
  • Tell her she is beautiful. Her body will stretch, grow, stretch some more and just when you think it can’t possibly get any bigger, it will. Your wife is sexy…don’t you doubt this for a second because her insecurities about her new body will magnify if you believe she is anything but. Again, tell her she is beautiful and believe it.
  • Take the time to ask how she is doing and truly listen to what she is saying.
  • Pamper your wife. Bring her flowers, right a love note…speak her love language as she may be having a lot of strange new feelings about herself.
  • Have sex to induce labor at the end of the 3rd trimester. Remind her of this. It is suggested that you don’t have sex for at least 6 weeks after the baby is born. So remind her again.
  • It’s normal to feel like you don’t have a connection with the baby yet. After all, you aren’t the one carrying it, feeling it’s kicks, and any of the pregnancy ailments that come along with being pregnant that serve as a constant reminder that you’re growing another human.
  • Don’t forget to pack a hospital bag for yourself.
  • Your wife is going to have a million questions to go over together. Humor her. It’s important to become educated together. After all, there are a lot of things that happen to baby right after birth that you should talk about now and decide on together.  Advice for New Dads
  • Get the car seat securely strapped in the car. Despite all the other things you and your wife got as baby shower gifts, the car seat is the single most important thing you will need for baby as it is required to take a baby home from the hospital. (The Fire Station can usually help with this if you have any doubt or questions.)
  • Help with the things she can’t do easily herself: tying laces, putting boots on, shaving legs, painting toenails.
  • Avoid planning any work trips during the last trimester. You don’t want to miss the birth.
  • Make sure the car has gas and you know the quickest way to the hospital in case you need to get there fast.


Check out part 2 of the series: 25 Things Soon-to-be Dads Need to Know About Birth (and the hospital stay) and part 3 of the series: 25 Things Soon-to-be Dads Need to Know About The First Few Weeks (aka The Postpartum Period). And  At the end of this series I’ll show you where to find a similar list for Moms that a friend of mine wrote a few years ago. Best way to remember to check back is to Follow Transparencies of Motherhood on Facebook!

Readers~What advice would YOU give soon-to-be dads about pregnancy? Leave and comment and let me know! 

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  1. This post has good suggestions, but it also assumes that your husband/significant other can drive, which is not always the case. Maybe replace that entry with something that all men are capable of doing such as, “Make sure you know how to get your wife to the hospital, and that she has everything with her when you go.” I drove myself. I just wish my husband had been more prepared by knowing where everything we needed was without my help.

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