Veteran’s Guide to Baby Shower Gifts


Top 10 Worst and Best Baby Shower Gifts

Tongue-in-cheek (or not) look at the Top 10 WORST and Top 10 BEST Baby Shower Gifts

Top 10 WORST Baby Shower Gifts 

  1. Baby High Heels. Do I need to explain this one? I think it speaks for itself. But if not, go here.
  2. Pee Pee Tee Pee. No. Just no. As a mom to 3 boys let me tell you these Babies don’t hold still. Their spray can be too strong to keep it in place. Or, if you do actually happen to have a baby that holds still and doesn’t have a strong spray you will find that you will now need to change everything else they may have on because it has streamed down their sides, up their back (usually  in their hair too) instead of a straight shot to the wall. Go here if you don’t know what these are.
  3. Wipe Warmer. You will not scar your baby if you wipe their butt with cold wipes. And actually, many people have said that wipe warmers dry out the wipes faster, and the bottom few wipes are brown…yikes! Go here if you don’t know what a wipe warmer is.
  4. Thank You Cards. Unless of course you’re giving thank you notes that are already filled out (“Thank you so much for spoiling baby and me at the shower. All our love…”) and all the new mommy to be needs to do is sign her name.
  5. Breakable Objects. Duh.
  6. Stuffed Animals. I say this with some remorse because I happen to love these but really one can only have so many. I like to reserve stuffed animals for family to get.
  7. Bedding that is NOT on the Registry. Okay, really any brands they didn’t register for should be a no-no.
  8. The Book Goodnight Moon and ditto On The Night You Were Born. While I also happen to LOVE these 2 books so does just about everyone else at a shower. Between all 3 of our kids we received 7 copies of Goodnight Moon.
  9. Anything Alive. New parents don’t need anything else to take care of. Trust me.
  10. Clothes. This you will notice is also on my list of  Top 10 Best Shower Gifts. Just pay particular attention to too many buttons, snaps, special washing directions, how difficult it may be to take on/off, size, season, etc. Forgo anything that needs to be washed a specific way (or hung up to dry). And always include a gift receipt.


There are so many baby items out there that it can be sickening and overwhelming trying to figure out what you need as a new parent. As a veteran I can speak to things that new parents truly need…very few of which will you normally find on a shower registry.

Top 10 Things New Parents Really Need At A Baby Shower

  1. Bissell Carpet Cleaner and/or Dust Buster Vacuum. There will be pee, poop, throw up, food, etc all over the floor. This should be right up there in necessity with a car seat and diapers.
  2. Maid Service. New parents, you can thank me later for putting this on the list.
  3. Meals. New parents need food. Breakfast, lunch, dinner. Offer to be the coordinator of a Meal Train and be the first to sign up for a number of days.
  4. Diapers and Wipes (or a diaper service is they are doing cloth diapers). Cannot emphasis this enough.
  5. ‘Real Parents’ Gift Bag: include Resolve Carpet Stain Remover, Dreft (or another baby sensitive laundry soap), Febreeze, Baking Soda, Hand Sanitizer, Grandma’s Stain Remover, Totally Toddler Spray, Small Screwdriver (for all those darn toys that take batteries), and Batteries of all sizes.
  6. Books. See #8 on the Worst Gifts list first. Instead of spending money on a card, consider spending it on a book. You can write your well wishes on a piece of paper and stick it inside the book.
  7. ‘Get Better Soon’ Bag: include Infant Tylenol, Gripe Water, Diaper Rash Cream, Teething Tablets. etc.
  8. Gift Certificates. Think along the lines of Target, Amazon, etc so they can get any last minute stuff they still (think they) need. Or consider a local place that does Professional Pictures, local Restaurants that do take out or delivery. Or an online tv/movie streaming subscription for all those late night feedings.
  9. Nursing Box if they have older siblings. Such a life saver.
  10. Clothes. So much fun to give and so much fun to get…just include a gift receipt.



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  1. One of the best gifts I got was a note in the card that said “please do not send me a thank you note, you’ll be too busy.” Amazing.

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