Unsung Heros

Dear great teachers,

There’s a difference between a teacher and a great teacher. A teacher is someone that shows up, speaks the material, does daily duties, and goes home. A great teacher is so much more than that and I want, no, I need to express my gratitude to you. All too often your hard work goes unnoticed and I want you to know that it’s not for naught.

This mama has noticed.

Thank you for loving our children, both little and big, as your own, for watching over them when us parents can’t be there. Thank you for always putting them first before yourselves. Thank you for not only teaching them their ABCs but also proper classroom and playground etiquette. Thank you for the countless shoes you’ve tied, jackets you’ve zipped, and gloves you’ve put on. Thank you for not only teaching them algebra but also how to deal with and balance academics and life because as you know, personal affairs are never left at home. Thank you for the broken hearts you’ve helped mend, friendships you’ve salvaged, and all the times you’ve just been there and not even known your presence alone is making a difference. Thank  you for finding a balance between challenging students that need the extra push, giving extra assistance to those that are too challenged and working with those students that may be more challenging in and of themselves. Your day is busy.

This mama has noticed.

Thank you for going above and beyond the four walls of the classroom: the countless hours that you use to grade, lesson plan, volunteer, setup classrooms, help with extra curriculars, answer emails from crazy parents like myself, take down classrooms, and worry. Yes, the worry. That goes along with loving our kids as your own. Because there isn’t a great teacher out there that hasn’t brought home concern over a struggling student, or one that may have odd bruises on their body, or may have expressed not having enough to eat. And worry over if you are reaching and making a difference on that more difficult student and wondering if there is something else you should be doing. Worrying if the quiet and shy student in your class has friends, support, and love. Worrying if maybe you spoke too harshly to a group of misbehaving students, or if an email you sent to parents came across in the right way. You never rest. 

This mama has noticed.

Thank you for giving your guidance, your love, your encouragement, your warmth, and your time. Today you are shaping tomorrow’s leaders and oftentimes spend more waking hours with them then us parents do at home. You are helping them build confidence in not only their academic abilities but also in themselves. The influence you can have in their lives is so vast and so beautiful I am eternally grateful for all the ” extras” you give.

This mama has noticed.

Teaching is so much more than stupid tests. Being a great teacher is an art. A gift. A calling. And you dear great teacher are a blessing. Your countless hours, your dedication, and your heart are appreciated. And it has been noticed.

Thank you. From the bottom of this mama’s heart.


**Know a teacher that needs to hear this? Pass it along…just ask them to look past all my typos**

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