A friend of mine from college recently started EllaMenoPea.  — selling handmade kid’s furniture and toys. Cody, the founder and father of 2 ADORABLE little girls, makes every single one of his products in Washington. All of his products are sturdy, eco-friendly, and so adorable. I mean take a look at these…


EllaMenoPea1 EllaMenoPea2 EllaMenoPea3 EllaMenoPea4

Most furniture these days is made of MDF which is why it all falls apart so quickly. EllaMenoPea guarantees they will never use MDF to build their products. You can therefore ensure they are built to last. Built to last and stylish…yes, please!

My personal favorites are the numbers and fractions. What an excellent way to teach kids basic math and fractions in such a tangible and visible way.

As if that wasn’t enough to check out their products, you should also know that EllaMenoPea gives back to the Ben Towne Foundation. So cool.

To see all the different products currently available check out the website:


Photo Credit: EllaMenoPea

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