Choosing a Preschool–An Introduction

Choosing a Preschool

Welcome to the series: Choosing a Preschool. Making the decision to send my eldest to preschool was a tough one. See the original story here. It meant sacrificing my control of his allergy to a stranger. It meant that I wouldn’t be able to be there to protect him, watch over him, and keep him out of harms way. A life threatening allergy has a way of holding you hostage and I wasn’t going to let it. As a working mom I was unable to participate in mom’s groups, play groups, or even many of the outings that my friends were going on. If I weren’t so concerned about my son’s social aspect, I might have kept him home longer, but as it was, he needed some friends. I knew I needed to prayerfully send my son to preschool.

What I didn’t know was how difficult choosing a preschool would be regardless of the food allergy aspect. Not only are there SO many things to consider that I had NO idea about, but it can be an extremely emotional experience. Emotions aside, I created this series to help ease the logistical part.

I always suggest that preschool is something that you should really start thinking about a year before you’re intending to start your child.

In this series you can expect the following:

I will break down the importance of determining:





*Potty training

*Parental involvement


I will explain the different approaches and philosophies preschools take:








I will share some great questions to ask when interviewing preschools. Oh, you didn’t know you should interview them? Me either. But it’s extremely important. I’ll share some general questions as well as some important questions for those with children with food allergies.

And last but not least if you have a child with food allergies I’ll go over what to pack in your child’s emergency bag that your child will need to take to preschool as well as go over what an Action Plan for allergies is and what it should entail.

I am hopeful that someone will find this beneficial. I am hopeful that someone will be able to take something from this. And if anyone has any other tips, further examples, etc. please leave comments and I’ll include them!!

Choosing a Preschool

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