26 Things Soon-to-be Dads Need to Know About Being a New Dad

If you missed last week’s posts about the  25 Things Soon-to-be Dads Need to Know About Pregnancy,  the 25 Things Soon-to-be Dads Need to Know About Birth, and the 25 Things Soon-to-be Dads Need to Know about Postpartum I suggest starting there.

I’ve compiled some advice from several veteran dads and their wives about what soon to be dads need to know about being a new dad after the postpartum period is over:

    1. You will be surprised at how well you can function on so little sleep. Remember back to the first few weeks?
    2. You will wear every body fluid from your baby imaginable and actually contemplate if anyone will notice if you wipe it off and just go to work instead of changing…again.
    3. Don’t succumb to dad pants or dockers with tennis shoes. Just don’t.Advice for New Dads
    4. You will never be more jealous of someone than your new baby and the amount of time he (or she) is spending with your wife’s boobs.
    5. Your sex life will begin to return to some semblance of normal around the 6 month mark.
    6. Enjoy every baby moment because the saying is true “you blink and they’ve grown.”
    7. Give yourself Grace if you aren’t enjoying every moment because some moments are just plain h.a.r.d.
    8. Your wife’s body may return to a slightly different shape/size than it was pre pregnancy. If not, and it returns to normal, she’s lucky. Regardless, tell her she is beautiful.
    9. Date your kids. It’s even a great habit to get in to while they are babies.
    10. Tell your wife you are proud of her.Advice for New Dads
    11. Good luck finding a public restroom that will give you a place to change your baby. If you’re soloing a trip in public make sure to bring along a changing pad otherwise you’ll learn this the hard way. You’re welcome.
    12. You will find yourself acting and speaking completely crazy in hopes of getting your baby to smile again. Don’t worry, we all do it.
    13. Traveling with baby is basically a shit show with all you will have in tow. Stroller, car seat, diapers, wipes, pack n play, bumbo…you get the idea. No such thing as traveling light.
    14. Read to your baby. Anything. Sports Illustrated? The newspaper? Lay your baby on your chest and read out loud.
    15. Go thank your mom.
    16. Sing to your baby. It doesn’t just have to be the mommy doing the singing, nor should it be.
    17. The moment your baby says “dada” you’ll be sunk.
    18. Change diapers.Advice for New Dads
    19. With babies there is no such thing as a quick outing.
    20. Plan on being late to everything. Everything.
    21. Buy a duplicate for whatever the “lovie,” or most prized possession becomes. Otherwise you will inevitably lose it just when you need it the most. Rotate it out every time you wash it so they wear the same.
    22. Don’t worry about messing up or doing the wrong thing…as long as you’re fully present and trying, you’re doing better than you think.
    23. Get use to worrying…you will be worrying about your kids for the rest of your life.
    24. The transition from being without kids to having them is one of sacrifice. There will be moments where that sacrifice is frustrating, upsetting, and where you wonder if you’ve made a terrible mistake. It’s normal. You may be completely baffled by your new baby. Stick with it. Some dads don’t find a real connection with their kiddo until they are able to interact.
    25. Your friends without kids may distance themselves from you as your priorities and responsibilities shift as they should. They’ll return when they understand for themselves what being a parent is all about.
    26. Congratulations. You now know what it is like to have your heart walking around outside your body. Your life has changed in so many amazing ways…and you are better for it.
Advice for new dads



Make sure to check back tomorrow for the complete compilation of all 101 Things Soon-to-be and New Dads need to know about pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and being a new dad. I’ll also share where you can find a similar list for Moms that a friend of mine wrote a few years ago. Best way to remember to check back is to Follow Transparencies of Motherhood on Facebook!

Readers~What advice would YOU give soon-to-be dads about being a new dad? Leave a comment and let me know!

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