A Heart’s Desire for Mother’s Day

Ironically, yesterday was a difficult Mother’s Day. I say ironically because I have 3 babies that I can hold, squeeze and hug. I was brought coffee in bed, was able to celebrate with both my mother in law and my own mom. It really was a beautiful, perfect Mother’s Day. Yet, there was a part […]


Two Little Souls

A letter my husband wrote after our heartbreaking miscarriage. Two Little Souls… I sit here tonight, the last one awake in my dear family…heart heavy, with tears in my eyes. For today we found out that the little baby inside Greta, just 10 weeks old, was actually two. Identical twins that shared what was supposed to […]


Until We Meet Again

This past week has been an extremely difficult week. This is the week I should be finding out if my babies are boys or girls. I should be prepping my older boys in the excitement. I should be going shopping for gender outfits and I should be planning a celebration. In fact, I’m not. I’m […]


Miscarriage–a letter to my unborn twins

My Dear Sweet Angel Babies As I stood in the bathroom, hovering near the pregnancy test, I could feel my heart beating in my chest. I knew I didn’t need to take any tests to confirm what my body had already been telling me. With 3 healthy pregnancies behind me, I knew. I was pregnant. Though […]


You don’t have a disease, you’re pregnant!

Today’s Transparent Moment is written by Kenna. Kenna is the Mommy of 3; their adorable little boy, Brighton, and two angels in heaven, Bennett and a little sweet pea. Kenna is a Mommy that embodies grace, poise,  and is a true example of a wonderful mom. She and her husband have been through so much […]