Life Before Kids

The other day I was asked if I remember what life was life before having kids? Sure…

Life before kids was quiet, carefree, and without much responsibility. We were able to sleep in (or sleep in general) until our hearts content, make plans on a whim, and our house was always clean. We rarely frequented the doctor. 
Life Without KidsOur quiet house is now loud. It is filled with chatter and coos, giggles and baby laughs, I love you mommies and I love you daddies. Our restfulness has been overtaken by sleepless nights and early mornings. Our once clean house has become cluttered with toys, children’s books, and Disney DVDs. Every room has a unique touch of child…small shoes by the door, mini washcloths by the tub and potty seat in the bathroom, bibs and highchair in the kitchen, and jeans the size of my foot strewn across the bedrooms. Our plans on a whim have become events, even the smallest outings, meticulously planned weeks in advance (something that can never be understood unless you have kids of your own). As for responsibility? Yikes. And the Doctor visits? We are now on a first name basis. In fact, Kadyn is know as the “child with the most severe allergies in the clinic.” Double yikes.

I miss the boys when they are sleeping even though I cherish those precious moments. A clean house is no longer at the top of my priority list and all the extra loads of laundry?…I think I spoke to laundry in my last post…I smile as I fold their tiny little clothes thinking of them wearing each outfit (MY and MY HUSBAND’S laundry is another matter…and I never said I enjoy putting the laundry away). 

We are all things boy: trucks, dirt, and bugs. Blue, brown, green. Overalls, crocs, camouflage, polos, baseball hats, and big boy undies. Blocks, trains, cars. Play-doh, Legos, remote control cars. Running, jumping, climbing. Owies, kisses, and Band-Aids. Trikes, wagons, and forts. Frogs, spiders and lizards. Hammers, noise makers and flashlights.

I will miss these days; days of baby cracks, night lights and special blankies. Padded jammies running down the wood floor hallway, endless hugs, and saying each letter “k” as a “t.” Days of baby rolls, all about mommy, and seeing life through the eyes of a child experiencing them for the first time.

Of course there are days that I want to pull my hair out, days that I wonder why God chose me to trust so much, days where I wonder if I will ever sleep a straight 8 hours again and days when I wonder what I am possibly doing wrong. Days I think if I hear one more scream, I will probably go insane. There are days that I need to step away, just to catch my breathe. And that’s ok. 

Through it all, I am always reminded of how wonderful being a parent is.

What was life like before kids? Boring.


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