Gender Reveal

Just over a week ago we had the baby’s big ultrasound. It had been scheduled for a few days later but we bumped it up as a surprise. Beforehand we did a lot of talk about how we don’t get to choose what baby is and that God has the perfect sibling picked out. Regardless, we were all excited and had in our heads what baby’s gender is. As the boys were referring to it…Kadyn, Ryan and I were all on “team pink” and Kai was on “team blue.” The boys came to the ultrasound with us and did a fantastic job of sitting still. Kadyn watched with much excitement while Kai was quite content looking up every now and then while he was coloring.
Gender Reveal

Outfit Selection: It was so fun to include the older brothers in the process of the Gender Reveal. We had the ultrasound tech put the gender in an envelope (we hadn’t seen the gender yet!) and we all marched down to the Carter’s Outlet after the ultrasound and the older brothers got to each pick out a girl outfit and a boy outfit. The outfit choice for the gender they thought baby was were easy. They weren’t too interested in picking something from the other gender, but we insisted that they would be disappointed if their choice wasn’t in the box.

Gender Reveal

The box. Inside holds the outfit for the gender of baby #3. At this point we had NO idea what was inside. We had taken all 4 of the boy’s outfit selections (1 girl outfit and 1 boy outfit from each of the older brothers) and brought it up to the cashier. We handed her the envelope with the gender written inside and our credit card and asked for her to purchase the correct gender outfits and put them inside the box.


Gender Reveal



Family dinner for reveal! Immediately following Carter’s we went to a family dinner. We rarely go out to eat so this was at treat in and of itself. I don’t know how we contained our excitement long enough to make it through until dessert but we did. While we were waiting for dessert to come the older brothers opened the box.  


It’s a BOY! Boy #3 on his way.Gender Reveal
Kai couldn’t have been any more excited. Kadyn was disappointed at first but primarily because he wasn’t right. Although he did say a few days later “Mommy, we really need a sister. I’m happy and all that we’re going to have another brother…but can we keep having brothers until we get a sister too?” He was all too thrilled to share all his toys with “all the brothers” just so he could have a sister in the mix.

And p.s. the most important part is baby looks healthy!

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