Alternatives for things to put inside Easter Basket other than candy

I just found this on Pinterest and thought I would share it here since I know a lot of you are looking for an alternative to candy. Check out the full post for great ideas on things to put inside your child’s Easter Basket besides candy. Alternative to Easter Candy
Here is the full article:

Growing A Jeweled Rose: Easter Egg Hunt

Photo Credit: Growing A Jeweled Rose

Parenting hack for kids that remove their diapers

Disclaimer–we’re doing some potty talk here.

With 3 kids I’ve dealt with my share of poop. Obviously I’ve changed a large amount of diapers but I’ve also cleaned poop out of the bath, off the carpet, off the walls, off the crib, cleaned it from under fingernails, cleaned it off bedding…you name it, I’ve probably cleaned poop off it. Want to come over now?

The majority of this was due in part to a toddler that learned how to take his clothes off, and then his diaper off, during nap time. It was a great, unsupervised time to “play” in his crib. And by play I mean we’re talking the stuff was everywhere.

It wasn’t until the 3rd or 4th time of feeling like I had tried everything that a friend of mine introduced me to this Parenting Hack for kids that remove their diapers… Parenting Hack