Nursing Box: Keeping older siblings entertained while feeding new baby

Whether you bottle or breast feed feeding baby is a great opportunity for connection and bonding. Nursing was one my most favorite times of the day; a time that only got to hold the baby. A time for staring at tiny little features and memorizing little creases and lines (or falling asleep). When I was pregnant with our second son I was concerned that I wouldn’t have a chance to make that same connection with the new baby because I would have my attention divided. I had visions of my older son getting jealous that I was spending so much time with the new baby. And how was I possibly going to keep my boob on one and my eye on the other? I envisioned disaster.

Enter The Nursing Box.

nursing box

The Nursing Box is a large box, or Rubbermaid, that you fill with all kinds of toys, games, books, movies, etc; anything that your older child/children will find entertaining while you nurse or feed your new baby. This means you have entertainment at your feet for your older child(ren) and you can get quality time with your new baby.

I would suggest setting up a blanket on the floor by where you’ll be nursing and establishing the following Nursing Box Rules:

1. Have your child stay on the blanket (or designated area of your choosing) while the Nursing Box is out.

2. Only let your child play in the Nursing Box while baby is being fed. As soon as you’re done, the box, and all the items inside, go away until next time. There may be a few tears the first few times items are put away, but they will figure it out eventually. My older son actually looked forward to “nursing time. ”

My friends put one together for me for my baby shower and I not only used it with our 2nd son but also our 3rd. Such a lifesaver. It’s a great baby shower gift to give an experienced mom especially if her older children are under 5 to keep older children entertained while feeding baby.

Budget Savvy Mommies–hit up some garage sales pre-baby (because let’s be honest, once you  have your first, you no longer care about having all things new…used is just fine) or ask for this as a baby shower gift!

Examples of great Nursing Box contents:

  • Books (books with CDs and LeapFrog books are great too!)
  • Movies w/portable DVD player
  • Games (like Go Fish, Matching, Candy Land that you can play with 1 hand)
  • Coloring books or sticker books
  • Wooden puzzles
  • Mini play mats with cars
  • Play dough w/cookie cutters
  • Action Figures
  • Put together a couple small “Busy Boxes”similar to the ones seen on Play At Home Mom LLCs blog. You could rotate these.
  • Beads and string or pipe cleaners to make beaded necklaces
  • Collect all different types of tops/lids. These can be sorted, imagined with, stack, match, etc.
  • Lego Duplos


<<How do, or did, YOU entertain older siblings while feeding a new baby? >>

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